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Semi Automated Forces

ASG’s proprietary Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) software is a powerful program allowing operators to manage the synthetic environment/battlespace.  The SAF allows the control and operation of other ASG simulation products such as our combined sensor suite (Radar, EW, ELINT, COMINT, ASW, EO/IR and Tactical Officer Station) for whole crew training, or other third-party software. 


Providing the customer with complete control over the scenario construction, operating areas and entities, the SAF allows for bespoke training stories representative of the customer's real-world operations.


Great Flexibility for managing your simulation needs
The SAF provides 3D and 2D visualisation of the scenario being created through the graphical user interface (GUI).  The 2D view provides insights into the simulated scenario by overlaying entities and information onto 2D views of the tactical, strategic and visual databases.  The 2D view is ideally suited for viewing simulation over a large area.
Entities and Terrains
Entities used for the construction and 3D viewing of scenarios are built by ASG and allow for a generic flavour for all tactical scenarios both military and civil and when used with X-plane will display both daylight and IR visual models.
The model database can be added to or changed to suit a customer’s requirements a full list of the models provided by ASG is available on request. The terrain and scenery can be provided by ASG or the SAF will interact with a customer’s terrain if required.
ASG ISR SAF Semi automated Forces Desktop Software
ASG ISR SAF Semi Automated Forces Entity 3D Models
Scenario Creation

The SAF allows for the creation of complex scenarios through the use of the intuitive GUI that allows for:

  • Creation and deletion of entities

  • Creation and deletion of the constructs used to direct the scenario

  • The assignment and sequencing of tasks to the entities in the scenario

  • The visualization of all the entities available in the scenario

  • Control of timings and speeds for the events and entities

Create and save scenarios either as the scenario is being played out or as a fixed time line

ASG ISR SAF Semi Automated Forces Desktop Mapping Scenario Generation Tool
ASG ISR SAF Semi Automated Forces Desktop Mapping Scenario Generation Tool
Tactical Graphics

The SAF allows for the creation and name of constructs or tactical graphics such as:

  • Routes

  • Waypoints

  • Road Routes

  • Areas

The entities can be directed to use the constructs through tasking such as follow route, go to waypoint.


You can assign tasks to entities as part of a plan or independently.  The Task List options will vary depending on the entity type and its abilities.  The tasks supported include:

  • Follow Route

  • Go to location

  • Go to Waypoint

  • Land Aircraft

  • Holding pattern

  • Set Fuel quantity

Independently assigned tasks override the tasks in a plan, allowing the instructor to respond to the course of the scenario as events unfold without stopping to edit an entities plan.

ASG ISR SAF Semi Automated Forces Desktop Mapping Scenario Generation Tool Entity Tasking
SAF Modes

The SAF can run in one of 3 modes, Student, Training and Development with each having a different set of editing rights depending on how the SAF is going to be used

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