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Sensor Simulation

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ASG provides a suite of synthetic training devices for any combination of the following sensors, as well as a Tactical Control Station:

  • Procedural Radar Trainer

  • Electronic Warfare, SIGINT, ELINT and COMINT Trainers

  • EO/IR Systems (GIST)

  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)



Sensor Simulation

ASG, the first company to provide the aerospace and defense industry with an Electro–optic/Infrared (EO/IR) sensor simulator, offers a suite of simulation solutions within our Gimbal Imaging Systems Trainer (GIST) product line.


The primary functionality of the GIST is to allow operators to configure and operate the integrated camera and sensor payloads deployed on a variety of simulated rotary and fixed wing aircraft, as well as land and maritime vehicles. This training occurs in either a stand-alone or shared-training environment.


turret selection512.png






Laptop and case.png

The GIST system offers a complete, cost-effective solution for Sensor Operator, Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) and Pilot training. GIST functionality can be integrated into our flight simulation devices, providing a comprehensive Crew Resource Management (CRM) training solution. A stand-alone GIST is also available in several configurations and is capable of displaying multiple simulated turrets, and interfacing with differing Image Generation (IG), mapping and ancillary systems. 


Each GIST comes pre-loaded with several scenarios, designed to provide operators with a variety of situations to learn and practice the operation and menu structure of the installed turret(s). ASG's team of scenery content database specialists who can construct any required geographical and geo-specific terrain content or mission. If a customer wishes to learn the skills required to build their own scenarios, ASG can provide training using a combination of theory and practical exercises, with the practical element delivered on the GIST.

Operator interface and control is effected through ASG's replica Hand Control Units (HCU) or Operator Control Units (OCU) interacting with the specific turret overlay simulation and menu structure, together with an Instructor Operating Station (IOS)/Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) software which provides control of the training environment and training sessions.

Flir Star Safire HCU
mts HCU
Flir 350hd HCU
gyrocam LCU
Wescam MX HCU
FLIR laptop HCU
8500 HCU

ASG-ISR GIST products are used worldwide by military units, commercial aviation operators and governmental and law enforcement agencies. All of our product lines can be linked via a LAN or the internet across multiple sites providing users with access to a flexible, cost-effective and efficient training program.

GIST Features:


Scenario management

Instructor Operator Station

ASG's SAF designs manages and plays your scenario featuring our user friendly interface. It is possible to setup complex scenarios and replay them for effective student training.


Image Generator Interface

The synthetic environment view can use several different Image Generators

ASG has integrated several different IG's for use with the GIST. They fall into different pricing brackets depending on  your training requirements and budget.

Laminar Research - X-plane

MAK Technologies - VR Vantage

Flight Safety International - Vital 1100

Quantum 3D



Custom Scenario Entities

The ASG-ISR Entity Catalog

  • The X-plane 11 GIST includes an extensive catalog of 3D visual entity models all optimized for use as part of your training scenario.

  • Over 250 entities available

  • Categories include

    • Civil ground vehicles​ - cars, trucks, vans

    • Military ground vehicles -  tanks, air defense, 

    • Watercraft - naval and cargo vessels

    • Aircraft - drones, helicopters,

    • Static lifeforms - humans - animals

    • False targets


Watch our Gist Video

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