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Customized Solutions

Courseware Development

Training Structure

There are two phases of training development: developing the content, and adapting it to the delivery platform(s). ASG employs a blended learning approach in its training.

Courseware is SCORM-conforming, and provides theoretical and practical training using ASG simulators. Additional training is offered through computer-based refresher and recurrent training to verify proficiency.

Our aim is to create an “intelligent operator” who will interact with an informed mission control staff ensuring a successful mission outcome.

Training Development and Course Design

ASG’s training programs are structured, comprehensive, and targeted to cover all aspects of operating most airborne sensor systems, as well as those found on land and maritime based platforms, and cover all relevant aspects from basic theory to operational and tactical employment of the airborne vehicle or sensor. All courses are built to UK military standards using the Defense Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) criteria. Training is delivered by experienced multilingual SMEs with military or law enforcement backgrounds. 

Should a standard course require customization to meet customer’s specific needs, ASG staff can design tailored training to match any training requirement, from basic initial training to fully assessed continuation training for the frontline technicians.

More about Courseware development

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