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Training Delivery

Customized Solutions

Instructor-Led Training
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Instructor-led training is arguably the most important element in the training programme, allowing operators to move beyond knowing how their systems operate to how to operate the system and achieve success in their missions. The point of delivery can be at the customer’s facilities; however, if there is no suitable training facility, ASG  has a residential training center that can accommodate up to six (6) students. This training element provides course flexibility, allowing adjustment of the end-user’s requirements regarding system type, platform type and general operational tasking requirements.

Computer-Based Training

Computer Based Training (CBT) has been hailed as the best way to train whilst saving on the cost and logistics of using an instructor and training premises. However, CBT must be provided in context, and its use in a blended training programme provides benefits without compromising the quality of the training.

CBT is used to consolidate lessons, provide revision for the student and refresh those who have already graduated to operational units. It is also used for assessment, if required, and to keep operators aware of the ever-developing and evolving practices and tactics employed by operational units. Access to training resources through a LMS provides the efficient management of continuation or recurrent training; something frequently overlooked.

 Learning Management System (LMS) and E-Learning

E-Learning can be utilized to provide students with pre-learning packages. It can also provide psychometric and hand-eye control evaluation to help ascertain the student’s potential suitability as a system maintainer.


E-learning allows students to study theory in their own environment, at their own pace and at times which suit them. Students communicate with the instructor and fellow students via the LMS forum, chat features, and social media.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Training (VART)  



Team ASG- MT understands the role that virtual, distributable training applications play in maintaining optimal force readiness. Our approach has been thoughtfully developed to address not only the immediate requirements of the customer, but—more importantly—to provide extensive cost savings, reduced time-to-fielding, revision control, scalability, and hardware options throughout the life of the customer’s program

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