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Customized Solutions

XR - Extended Reality
  • VR=Virtual Reality
  • MR=Mixed Reality
  • AR=Augmented Reality

AR VR Development


Team ASG-MT is excited to offer immersive training technology applications to the global marketplace—inclusive of military organizations. ASG-MT is committed to delivering cutting-edge training solutions, and developing inter-operable software solutions that leverage emerging technologies.


Each of Team ASG-MT’s products and service offerings have been designed to provide our customers with training solutions that are effective, engaging, and fully customized to customer requirements. The training is also free from reliance on specific hardware platforms.


Finally, metrics matter. Our offerings support the collection and integration of relevant (to the customer) data sets.

3D Simulations:

3D Modelling Services:


Team ASG-MT offers full-service 3D modeling support to include:

  • Model Creation: Full lifecycle creation of novel modelling content from research (including 3D scanning, image capture, etc.) to render and delivery.         

  • Model Optimization: Using proprietary in-house software, Team ASG-MT is able to optimize existing 3D models for efficient use on the platform of choice.

  • Model Conversion: MT’s proprietary, in-house software is able to provide a more cost-effective alternative to investment in replacement models by instead enabling the conversion of existing models into a format compatible with today’s requirements.


Team ASG-MT creates 3D simulations for clients to support a broad range of their digital business needs and goals. Furthermore, their unique ability to develop engaging and accurate content, which is hardware agnostic, paves the way for maximum return on customer investments. This is achieved due to the ability of one 3D simulation—and thus one investment—to serve multiple functions (PC, VR, AR, tablet) and be positioned for compatibility with future-state hardware devices/platforms with minimal (if any) additional investment.

Immersive Training Development:

Team ASG-MT’s unique capabilities and game-based technology allow them to develop customized, immersive training modules for step-by-step training, maintenance, procedures for projects, competency checks, safety training, and more—all of which support multiplayer, cross-play, encrypted communications, and modular evolution.

XR Solution Development:

Team ASG-MT develops best-in-breed XR (VR/AR) solutions in support of customer objectives. This includes object recognition and development of ‘digital twin(s)’; interaction integration and tracking; integration of real-time data sets; integration of manuals, documentation, lessons, education media, and storyboards; and customer-driven revision, maintenance, and management of content.

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