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Entity Catalog

We regularly add new entity models for use on our X-Plane 11 GIST family of products. 

ASG ISR SAF Semi Automated Forces Scenario Entity management


Actors in your scenario.

The ASG SAF acts as an instructor operator station to manage your scenario - just pick an entity from the list of over 200 entities to operate in the Air, Sea or Ground environment.

Entity Model features:

All the entities have day, night and IR texture maps. Some vehicles can have headlights, aircraft have animated props or rotors, Ships have radars, buildings at night have window lights.

Some vehicles have both hot and cold IR signatures available - giving you more scenario possibilities.

ASG ISR SAF Semi Automated Forces Scenario Entity types

There is a diverse array of entities to chose from which can help make your scenario more appropriate for your training.

Have a look at some examples of our entity models in 3d here

* Links to ASG-ISR Sketchfab page 

In a SAR scenario is your target a migrant boat?

ASG ISR Wescam Sensor Simulation Training Scenario Entity Zodiac Infaltible Dingy SAR Search and Rescue

Test your Students with false targets ... 

Scatter some submerged shipping containers or a tree trunk floating in the ocean - to divert their attention

In a SAR scenario is your target a M.O.B.

ASG ISR FLIR Sensor Simulation Training Scenario Entity Man over board Sinking Search and Rescue SAR

Some entities have different IR signatures

A car with a cold engine hasn't moved recently. Can your student find the car that recently parked...?

A military entity with a hot gun barrel has been in action recently


View ASG Entity Catalog as PDF... (in a new tab)

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