Sensor Simulation

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ASG provides a suite of synthetic training devices for any combination of the following sensors, as well as a Tactical Control Station:

  • Procedural Radar Trainer

  • Electronic Warfare, SIGINT, ELINT and COMINT Trainers

  • EO/IR Systems (GIST)

  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)



Sensor Simulation

The Electronic Warfare station allows operators to exercise the tactical considerations of EW, electronic intelligence and communications intelligence gathering. Frequency scanners detect emissions from radars and radios, and the associated direction finding (DF) equipment allows position fixing of those emitters.

Radar ESM (RESM) operators are able to exercise parametric functional analysis and threat assessment. The system is suitable for standalone installations if the client needs to use classified training material.

The Communications ESM (CESM) equipment allows recorded messages to be detected, listened to and geo-located over frequency scanning radios. Other aspects of EW can be exercised at this station, including missile approach warnings, chaff and flare dispensing systems and electronic logging.