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Sensor Simulation

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ASG provides a suite of synthetic training devices for any combination of the following sensors, as well as a Tactical Control Station:

  • Procedural Radar Trainer

  • Electronic Warfare, SIGINT, ELINT and COMINT Trainers

  • EO/IR Systems (GIST)

  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)



Sensor Simulation

The Acoustics Training system is used in the determination, analysis and classification of passive sonar targets, addressing both ab-initio and advanced student training needs in the capability of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW). The system provides the trainees with a generic acoustic trainer environment, independent of but similar to the system in the front line aircraft.

The Acoustics Training system is an Instructor-Student training system, designed to provide training of the students' analytical, detection and classification skills of passive sonar signatures in the field of Anti-Submarine Warfare. The system supports the Sonics processing and associated (Programmable Entry Panel) PEP information and control pages and a Tactical Situation Display.

The Acoustics Training system also provides a Debrief Facility: an offline tool that provides the instructor with the functionality to record, the main events that occurred during the execution of an exercise.

The Acoustics trainer covers the following elements.

  1. The overall operating area for the scenarios to run in.

  2. Details of the contact signature structure to be placed into a scenario

  3. Instructor interface for control and manipulation of both contacts and scenarios

  4. Visual displays of the data from the contacts

  5. Control of the system functions

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